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Here it is! An LCD display for Raspberry Pi (v2). Lately I play with Raspberry Pi micro-computer. I've found bothering lack of small display and real-time clock (RTC) on-board. Necessity is the mother of invention, so I bought a TFT display, designed a mezzanine PCB and wrote patch for Linux Raspbian "Wheezy". In this post I would like to share it with you my work in few steps.

1. I bought an LCD module, with SSD1298 controller.

 2. I prepared a mezzanine PCB to fix the screen and RTC.

3. I manufactured the PCB.

4. Finally I present you the display working with Raspberry Pi.

At the beginning of this post it's written that the screen and kernel patch works with Raspberry board version 2 but it is possible to modify either the patch and PCB to make it works with version 1.

If you want to have the screen functional at the boot remember to remove default frame buffer form config files before kernel compilation.

Special thanks to Jeroen Domburg from SpritesMods for help in code development and to my wife who supports my hobby.


I've prepared the patch for revision 1.0 of Raspberry Pi. The display connection to the board rev. 1.0 requires some soldering skills. Below there is a list of resistors which one has to remove in order to connect missing IO pins.
  • GPIO28 - R8 & R10
  • GPIO29 - R7 & R9
  • GPIO30 - R4 & R6
  • GPIO31 - R3 & R5
This is the patch file:

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